Localized Area Strategies & SEO

Local search powers businesses, both small and large. Consider the way in which you use the internet today, searching for products, services or information on any given topic, and at any given time. Your prospect is doing exactly the same and you need to be there when they are searching for your products or services. Below are some of the more well known strategies for your local SEO.

Local SEO Implementation

First and foremost consider the following fact, published by Google here:

76% of people who search on their smartphones for something nearby visit a business within a day.

That sort of puts things into perspective in terms of getting your local marketing house in order. If you are not spending a considerable amount of your time and budget with respect to capturing these prospective buyers there is no doubt you are leaving money on the table. Of course the above also takes the shift of the consumer moving to a predominantly mobile based search function.

Implementation of local SEO and related strategies, therefore requires that we be cognizant of these search factors as used by our prospective clients, as well as the proven strategies that are tried and tested with respect to local search engine ranking. The factors that need to be taken into account are regularly updated on the various search engine marketing sites, such as Moz.com - who conduct an annual survey of local search experts and collate responses to the surveys to form a crowdsourced opinion piece on four main areas. These included General, Specific and Negative Ranking Factors, and Relative Changes in Importance (within the local 'snack pack' or 'local stack' of the search results). The author, David Mihm adds his overview of the 2015 results here.

An updated local search ranking factor study was conducted and authored by Mark Kabana (Places Scout), Andrew Shotland and Dan Lebison (Local SEO Guide) and was published jointly here and here, respectively.



Google provides some insights in terms of improving your local rankings, and which can be accessed at https://support.google.com/business/answer/7091?hl=en